Even with the Celtics down 0-2 against the Heat, I still believe Celtics can win the series. Most people are too negative, saying Boston’s never been down 0-2 in the Big 3 era, Miami looks too strong, Shaq’s not going to be in a good condition (even if he returns) yada yada yada. I think people are  over-reacting to the current situation and already forgot the great Celtics team just from several months ago. When the Celtics were doing well at the start of the season, fans praised them as if they were the best team in the NBA, but quickly started getting too harsh on the team when they weren’t performing as well close to the end of the season. They just lost two away games and a lot of people seem to think the series is already over. The same people were saying Celtics is invincible when they beat the Knicks 4-0. It’s partly due to the media exaggerating wins and losses to create catchy headlines. I still think Celtics is a better team with more perseverance and bigger desire to win the game.

Go Celtics!!!